What I'm reading now.

Internet Reads

Farnam Street: A fellow called Shane Parrish reads A LOT. He sums up and what he reads, so you can have easy access to all that information too. Like the clif notes of a really smart guy's reading list. Subscribe to his weekly newsletter for a smarter Sunday.

Granted: The monthly newsletter of Adam Grant, Harvard professor and author of Give and Take (see below!). He recommends articles from a variety of sources covering all kinds of topics. Again, taking advantage of a really great mind.

TED: Okay, okay so this isn't really reading per say. These videos of "ideas worth spreading" are genius though. I especially appreciate the diversity of speakers and topics.

NPR: If this makes me an old woman, then get me a cane. It's the most unbiased American news source I've yet to find (I'm open to alternate suggestions). A quick scan of the days' top stories keeps me informed AND interested. Also, the pod casts make for a more intellectually stimulating commute. I'm especially fond of StoryCorps and World Story of the Day.


Some Books I'd recommend

What are you reading? Have a suggestion? Let's nerd out together!