Glacier National Park, Montana


We stayed at Brownies Hostel and Bakery in East Glacier Park, and it was lovely. Nice people, tasty treats, an HI member, and clean facilities. 

Day 1: Going to the Sun Road

That white line through the middle of the map is the iconic road right through the middle of the park. Crazy unreal views, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, mountains, wildlife. It's arguably one of the best drives on the continent. We drove from the east to the west end, and stopped to rent a canoe on Lake McDonald on our way back. 

Day 2: Swimming and Hiking

After canoeing in Lake McDonald, we decided we simply could not leave without swimming in these crazy clear, bluest of lakes. So we did :) 

We also hiked the Johns Lake Loop and to Hidden Lake.

Johns Lake Loop is through woods to a small lake, and back to the road and along the river to loop back to the start. I like loops. So much better than walking to the end of trail and having to just turn around and go back the way you came.

Hidden Lake is probably one of the more popular hikes as it starts from the Logan Pass Visitor Center (NO parking to be had around the peak midday times). Part of the trail is covered by snow, so that's a bit of an adventure. When you find "Hidden Lake" One of a few legitimately breathtaking scenes I've seen. (I'm cheesin' in front of it in the pictures below. The pictures around the marmots.)

Day 3: Two Medicine

We decided to spend the day exploring this lake much closer to our hostel. It was a bit overcast, so we ended up cutting the day shorter than our others, but it was still nice. Except the flies. I must have smelled or something because they were buzzing me pretty consistently and it's enough to make a person homicidal.

Our early return allowed us to get dinner at the cafe next door, specializing in huckleberry pie. Everywhere in this part of the country seems to be huckleberry crazy, and we overhead a waitress explaining why. Apparently they only grow here, and only in the wild. For reals. According to her, a university tried to grow some, and as soon as they took them from their original home they died. So of course we got huckleberry pie, and I got a glass of huckleberry Riesling. Super good! Like a tarter blueberry kinda. Omnomnom. 

All Da Fotos

All Da Panos

After three days, we go forth! Across the border to Banff in Alberta, Canada! And by happy accident, just in time for Canada Day on July 1st!!